Brothers in Arms

By Rocket

Episode 9.15

Part Three

“Problem?” MacGyver looked at Seeley from his position next to the filing cabinet.

“Firewall. Just give me a…” Seeley typed fast and the computer beeped.

“You’ll get it.” MacGyver fished a paperclip out of his pocket and set to work on the filing cabinet lock. “When you get in, just copy everything, OK? We may not have time to sort through it all here.”

“Have you any idea how long that would take?” Seeley worked his way into the computer files and skimmed through the directory. He ducked under the desk and waved a hand in the air. “Mac, borrow your flashlight? I know you’ve got one.”

“Swap you for a pin or something I can use on this lock. Paperclip alone just isn’t cutting it.” MacGyver handed Seeley his penlight, receiving a badge with a long pin in return.

“Don’t break it, OK?” Seeley used the penlight to look at the back of the computer. He pulled a portable drive out of a large pocket on the leg of his fatigues and plugged it into the computer.

“What is that?” MacGyver looked up from the lock, wiggling the paperclip and badge pin carefully.

“Universal Serial Bus – USB. They’re new.” Seeley pressed keys and the screen lit up. The computer whirred and a download bar appeared on the screen. MacGyver returned his attention to the lock, undoing Seeley’s badge and turning it over.

“First Cavalry? You just happened to have this with you?” MacGyver poked the pin into the lock, feeling it out.

“Yes, and yes. It was in my pocket, OK? Didn’t feel right being in uniform without it.” Seeley shrugged.

“You’re really proud of your regiment, aren’t you?” MacGyver felt the lock start to give.

“Damn straight.” Seeley glanced at the door, but the desk soldier seemed content to leave them alone for the moment. “Hurry up, will you?”

“Almost there.” The lock clicked open and MacGyver opened a drawer, leafing through the files. “Thanks.” He handed the badge back to Seeley. “There’s nothing obvious in here.” He closed the drawer and opened the next one. Finding nothing, he crossed back to the door and glanced out into the corridor. “How long?”

“Depends if it crashes.” Seeley folded his arms, frowning at the screen.
MacGyver watched the soldiers in the outer office. They were glancing at their watches more often than seemed normal to him. What could they be waiting for?
After fifteen minutes, most of the soldiers MacGyver could see started finishing off their work, in the manner of high school kids packing away their books before the bell.

“How much longer?” MacGyver glanced back at Seeley, who held up a finger.
Patience, Grasshopper. I just need another minute.” Seeley didn’t take his eyes off the screen.

“You might want to hurry it up, Caine, something’s peaking out here!” MacGyver watched Seeley nod, still concentrating on the screen. He looked out again, seeing the soldiers had stopped what they were doing, and seemed to be waiting for something.

A loud alarm sounded, making MacGyver jump. The soldiers all stood and started making their way to the door. He looked back at Seeley, who was talking to the computer.

“Come on! Ninety eight percent my… YES!” Seeley ducked under the table and pulled his cable out of the computer, stuffing the portable drive into his pocket. Seeing the sergeant approach, MacGyver stepped back from the door.

“Are you two still here? This is a fire drill! Move it!” the sergeant waited, scowling at MacGyver and Seeley.

“Yes Sir. Sorry Sir.” They hurried out, the Sergeant close behind. As they were leaving, MacGyver glanced up, his eyes widening as he noticed a small camera mounted high on the wall.

“Don’t call me Sir, I work for a living!” the sergeant locked the door behind them. “Report to your fire point.” He watched Seeley and MacGyver go, shaking his head.

“Now what?” Seeley muttered as they joined the back of a file of soldiers jogging to their fire meeting point.

“Now we split!” MacGyver dropped out of the line, jogging between two buildings and ignoring the shout that followed. Seeley jogged along behind him, cursing under his breath. They turned the corner of the kitchen building and crouched down behind the dumpster.

“Now what?!” Seeley glanced around the dumpster, seeing soldiers lined up for roll call between them and the hole in the fence. He turned to see MacGyver fiddling with the lock on the kitchen door. “What are you doing?”

“We need a distraction.” MacGyver held out his hand and Seeley passed him his regiment badge. Pushing the pin into the lock, and carefully poking in the tweezers from his Swiss Army Knife, MacGyver set to work.

The lock clicked open and MacGyver slipped inside. The kitchen was empty and he crossed to the janitor’s closet, coming out with an armful of bottles and a bucket.
“Open some windows, would you?” MacGyver poured and mixed, creating a cloud of smoke and a terrible smell. “And see if you can find some sugar!”

“Why do you want sugar?” Seeley passed him a bag. “Oh, right!” he put his arm across his face and coughed as MacGyver added the sugar to his bucket and the smoke turned black.

They ducked back behind the dumpster and waited while smoke billowed out of the kitchen windows. The soldiers were moved out of the growing pall of smoke and MacGyver and Seeley heard the fire alarm start up again.

“Now?” Seeley looked around the dumpster again, seeing their way to the fence clear.

“Now.” MacGyver nodded and they ran through the smoke and across the grass, sliding to a halt and rolling under the fence. Seeley crawled back up the slope and watched the base through the long grass.

“Man, you sure know how to cause a distraction!” he rolled over, grinning at MacGyver. But his grin faded at MacGyver’s expression. “What is it?”

“We have a bigger problem.” MacGyver sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “When we were being hustled out, I happened to look up. There was a camera in that office, Seeley! They’ve got our faces on camera!” He shook his head at Seeley’s confused frown. “Seeley, the army can prove we were there!”

* * * *

MacGyver followed Seeley into his house, taking off his boots. Seeley disappeared into his bedroom, emerging some minutes later back to his usual immaculate self. Feeling scruffy by comparison, MacGyver combed his hair with his fingers, snagging on a twig caught in the back. Seeley watched, shaking his head.

“Shower’s in there.” He hooked a thumb over his shoulder. “Take your time. I’ll brew some coffee and set this up.” He held up the portable drive and MacGyver nodded. He reached into his pocket, pulling out Seeley’s regiment badge and placing it in his hand before heading for the shower.

* * * *

MacGyver came out of the shower feeling cleaner, but no less worried. Seeley had brewed coffee, the rich smell filling his house. Seeley’s cat trotted out of the kitchen and wound around MacGyver’s ankles, almost tripping him up.

“Mozart, leave the human alone.” Seeley glanced across at MacGyver and took a sip of coffee. “This looks pretty good, Mac. Help yourself to coffee or whatever and come take a look.”

MacGyver made peppermint tea and sat on the arm of the couch, looking over Seeley’s shoulder at the screen. Mozart hopped up onto the couch, padding along the back. MacGyver stroked him absently, trying to make sense of the jumble on the screen.

“Thought you might want to see the encryption, it’s pretty extreme.” Seeley tapped a key and the screen cleared. “OK, let’s see what we’ve got here.”

MacGyver leaned forwards, reading the small print. Seeley scrolled through the files they had copied, until MacGyver stopped him, pointing at the screen.

“That one.” He sat back as Seeley opened the file and a schematic drawing of an aeroplane filled the screen.

“This is it. This is what Steve was so worried about.” Seeley clicked through the information files and gave a low whistle. “Mac, this is bad.”

“Yeah. Yeah, it is.” MacGyver frowned, reading the text. “Flip back to the drawing, would you?” he stared at the picture, running calculations in his head. “Not only do Atlas have the bugs, they’re pretty much able to distribute them. If they get this thing built.”

“How long would it take to build?” Seeley picked up a pencil, tapping it against the desk.

“I’m not sure.” MacGyver folded his arms, ignoring the cat rubbing against his back. “It’s a pretty specialised job…” He shook his head. “It may even not be related, and I could just be seeing Atlas everywhere I look. Seeley, what was the security on this file like? Is it what you’d expect army diagrams to have?” He held up his hand, seeing Seeley’s stare. “Not that I’m suggesting you spent your time as a Fed breaking into army files.” He studied Seeley’s carefully neutral expression. “Unless you did, of course…”

“No comment.” Seeley grinned. “But, hypothetically, of course, this file had very different security from what I would expect from a standard army file, even a top secret one. Not the same at all.”

“I’m guessing more advanced security than expected?” MacGyver sighed as Seeley nodded. “Seeley, we’re in really deep here. I’m pretty sure the CCTV caught us, which means the army are probably reporting us as intruders right about now. When the MPs check the army personnel records and the criminal databases, they’re going to find both of us.”

“And then they’re going to arrest us.” Now Seeley’s face was grim.

“And then they’re going to lock us up for busting into a top-secret military facility we shouldn’t have known about and they’re going to throw away the key.” MacGyver stood up, pacing the room. “And don’t get me started on what Atlas will do when they find out we were in there! Which they will, because they have someone inside the base!”

“Someone who scared the socks off Steve’s CO enough that he – or she – has let this happen under the army’s nose.” Now Seeley stood up, shoving his hands into his jeans pockets and turning to stare at MacGyver. “We’re in trouble here, Mac.”

“Yep.” MacGyver glanced out of the window, moving out of view as he remembered a shot blasting through a café window in Berlin. “We’re in trouble!”





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