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9.07 Life and the Grave - Jan 30th for 4 weeks

9.08 Penny Dreadful - Feb 27th for 4 weeks

9.09 Mean Streets - April 3rd for 4 weeks





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9.07 Life and the Grave by Sanguine

When MacGyver is called to Egypt to help search for the entrance to an undiscovered tomb, he jumps at the chance to explore a part of history.

But someone---or something---wants to be sure that the crypt remains a secret...

…even if that means trapping MacGyver inside forever.


Coming 27th February 2018...

9.08 Penny Dreadful by Rocket

Penny Parker has an exciting new role starring in a Victorian horror drama, so (of course) MacGyver is invited to the opening night.

But the play takes a nasty turn as Penny's secret admirer seems determined to act out the storyline for real...




Coming 3rd April 2018...

9.09 Mean Streets by Rocket

There's a new gang in L.A. running a kidnap ring.

Can MacGyver and Detective Kate get to the bottom of it before it's too late?

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