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    Season Schedule

9.10 The Devil You Know - May 1st for 4 weeks

9.11 Water's Edge - May 29th for 4 weeks

9.12 Bug Spray - July 3rd for 4 weeks







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9.10 The Devil You Know by Sanguine

Signing on to help the DXS investigate HIT may have been a little more than MacGyver bargained for.

With a special agent in hiding and a hot-tempered killer on his trail, he has his work cut out for him.

Luckily, MacGyver has an unlikely ally... But is the enemy of his enemy really his friend?



Coming 29th May 2018...

9.11 Water's Edge by Sanguine

After his latest harrowing experience, MacGyver is looking forward to spending a few summer days in Minnesota with Sam. But when their peaceful fishing trip leads to a disturbing discovery, the two of them are compelled to find out what’s been harming the local wildlife.

Can they solve the mystery, or will Mission City’s water supply be choked out by deadly toxins?


Coming 3rd July 2018...

9.12 Bug Spray by Rocket

The Phoenix foundation is funding some research into new medicines and new ways to administer them, for the good of humanity as a whole.

But when MacGyver and Willis check on the project's progress, they discover some very disturbing truths...




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