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9.15 Brothers in Arms - Oct 2nd for 4 weeks

9.16 Heel Turn - 30th Oct for 4 weeks

9.17 Cold Turkey - 4th Dec for 4 weeks









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9.15 Brothers in Arms by Rocket

When Seeley's army buddy asks him for help, Seeley takes MacGyver along for back-up.

But why do they need to sneak onto a top secret military base?

And what are they looking for in there?





Coming 30th October 2018...

9.16 Heel Turn by Sanguine

Jack Dalton is at it again. This time, he’s become the general manager of a legitimate business: Coastal Elite Wrestling.

The struggling promotion is on the verge of turning a profit when one of Jack’s star wrestlers is assaulted by Yakuza enforcers, and suddenly Jack realizes that he may be in over his head. Can MacGyver navigate the treacherous world of backstage politics and separate fact from kayfabe in time to save Jack’s business---and a young man’s life?



Coming 4th December 2018...

9.17 Cold Turkey by Rocket

Nikki's worried about something and it's affecting her work at Phoenix.

Can MacGyver help her to deal with it before Christmas arrives?





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