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    Season Schedule

9.05 Bloodwork - Nov 28th for 4 weeks

9.06 After the Wall - Dec 26th for 4 weeks

9.07 Life and the Grave - Jan 30th for 4 weeks





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9.05 Bloodwork by MacsJeep

Mac, Sam and Andy are up at Angelina's Grace when they have unexpected and violent visitors.

When the local sheriff storms the building, a death leads MacGyver on a mysterious trail of intrigue, all the way to the desert and beyond.

But can he prove a man's innocence, or was the judge and jury right all along..?


Coming 26th December...

9.06 After the Wall by Rocket

The last time MacGyver was in Germany, the Berlin Wall split the country in two.

Now he gets to go back, escorting a retired spy back to his home city. Will a new, united Germany welcome them with open arms?

Or will old grievances still be close to the surface...



Coming 30th January 2018...

9.07 Life and the Grave by Sanguine

When MacGyver is called to Egypt to help search for the entrance to an undiscovered tomb, he jumps at the chance to explore a part of history.

But someone---or something---wants to be sure that the crypt remains a secret...

…even if that means trapping MacGyver inside forever.




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