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    Season Schedule

9.01 Shadowside - August 1st for 4 weeks

9.02 Lock & Load - August 29th for 4 weeks

9.03 Supply and Demand - Sept 26th for 4 weeks



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9.01 Shadowside by MacsJeep

MacGyver is torn between saving the space shuttle as it orbits the earth, or saving his son.

With just a few hours, is there any chance even he can do both?

With Seeley Atkins in tow, Mac must solve the riddles to save the day, but with two adversaries instead of one this time, that's easier said than done...


Coming 29th August...

9.02 Lock & Load by Rocket

MacGyver and Detective Kate are on the trail of a new and deadly weapon flooding the streets of Los Angeles.

MacGyver comes face to face with an old nightmare as they try to stop it before tragedy strikes again!





Coming 26th September...

9.03 Supply and Demand by Rocket

The wily Sgt Hawkins is brought to justice.

But how far does his black market web stretch?

And how much damage has he done already?




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