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    Season Schedule

9.13 Fight Club - July 31st for 4 weeks

9.14 River Styx - August 28th for 4 weeks

9.15 Brothers in Arms - oct 2nd for 4 weeks








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9.13 Fight Club by Rocket

All MacGyver has on his agenda is to go and cheer on some of the Challenger's Club kids in a Karate match.

But unexpected fights, cheating and an antagonistic acquaintance from the past turn his pleasant evening into a battle to uphold the honour of the Challenger's Club!




Coming 28th August 2018...

9.14 River Styx by Sanguine

When the Phoenix Foundation teams up with a group of cave explorers to field-test new navigational technology, MacGyver and Willis can't wait to chart new passages in Mammoth Cave.

But when an underground landslide blocks their path, escape from the darkness becomes an intense struggle. Can they find their way out of Mammoth Cave, or will they be forever lost underground?



Coming 2nd October 2018...

9.15 Brothers in Arms by Rocket

When Seeley's army buddy asks him for help, Seeley takes MacGyver along for back-up.

But why do they need to sneak onto a top secret military base?

And what are they looking for in there?

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