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    Season Schedule

One week hiatus 27/09/2016

8.12 Trick or Treat - Oct 4th for 5 weeks (Halloween 5 part special)

8.13 Relics - Nov 8th for 4 weeks

8.14 Xmas Special - Dec 6th for 4 weeks

8.15 Crash & Burn - Jan 3rd 2017 for 4 weeks


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8.12 Trick or Treat by MacsJeep

Neil Ryder calls MacGyver back to Minnesota with a cryptic plea, but when Mac arrives he soon realizes the problem is no Halloween prank.

Local high school kids are dying, and a mysterious and evil foe is about to play some very creepy mind games to keep him off the case.

Can Mac save the day this Halloween?



Coming from Nov 8th 2016 for 4 weeks

8.13 Relics by MacsJeep

Mac, Pete, Nikki and Dr. Sand are on an underwater adventure to find a lost WW2 submarine that was carrying stolen E.R.R. treasures.

The fun turns into a nightmare when an unexpected storm sinks the surface vessel, and leaves Mac and the gang stranded on a disabled DSRV.

Is anyone, or anything what it seems, or is the sunken U-boat simply cursed..?


Coming from Dec 6th 2016 for 4 weeks

Christmas Special!

8.14 The Longest Night by Rocket

MacGyver agrees to help an old friend to take some Christmas cheer to those most in need of it. But not everyone appreciates the Christmas spirit, or their appearance in the middle of some very disputed territory.

Will MacGyver get home in time for Christmas?

Indeed, will he get home at all...



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