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    Season Schedule

8.17 Under the Wire - March 7th for 4 weeks

8.18 War Stories - April 4th for 4 weeks

8.19 Cry Wolf - May 2nd for 4 weeks


8.20 Lifelines - June 6th for 4 weeks



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8.19 Cry Wolf by MacsJeep

MacGyver is still in London after his Atlantis adventure with Professor Atticus, but what should be a simple vacation turns into a nightmare when a disaster strikes the soon-to-be opened Euro Tunnel.

Is this a simple accident, an act of terror, or something even more sinister...



One week hiatus

Coming from June 6th 2017 for 4weeks


8.20 Lifelines by MacsJeep & Rocket

After twenty high octane episodes,the first season comes to a close with just one more adventure, but will MacGyver come through it to tell the tale?

Mac and Nikki are on an assignment that seems like nothing but red tape for N.A.S.A., but after a terrible accident, will the truth ever be revealed?

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