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    Season Schedule

8.15 Crash & Burn - Jan 3rd for 4 weeks

8.16 Uninvited Guest - Feb 7th for 4 weeks

8.17 Under the Wire - March 7th for 4 weeks

8.18 War Stories - April 4th for 4 weeks



Check back often for more additions!

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Welcome to the home of the new MacGyver Virtual Season. Scroll down for upcoming episodes, or check out how it all works first by selecting "About Us" from the navigation menu!

A small head's up - I have major surgery scheduled for the 25th January 2017 - this falls on a season "hiatus" and I hope to be out of the hospital to post the next episode - if the episode IS late, please bear with me as it probably means I haven't been released as quickly as I'd hoped!


Don't forget, previous VS episodes can be found in the "aired episodes" section, complete with a PDF version!


Coming from Jan 3rd 2017 for 4 weeks

8.15 Crash & Burn by MacsJeep

How can delivering a brand new Learjet to a rich African owner be dangerous?

But this is no ordinary delivery, and no ordinary owner. Jack Dalton is at it again, but this time its not only MacGyver he gets into some very hot water.

Can they save a whole nation, or is this one Dalton project too far, even for Mac?



One Week Hiatus


Coming from Feb 7th 2017 for 4 weeks

8.16 Uninvited Guest by Rocket

Something isn't right at the Phoenix Foundation.

Computer troubles, break-ins, theft and threats all point to a spy in the building. But who is it?

What do they want?

And can MacGyver catch them before it's too late...



Coming from March 7th 2017 for 4 weeks

8.17 Under the Wire by MacsJeep

A U.S. fighter is shot down over Bosnia and the government can't send in an official team due to N.A.T.O rules.

It isn't long before MacGyver's skills are requested by an old friend of Pete's to step in and make the difference. The problem is, when Mac gets behind enemy lines, he soon realizes the crash was staged, and the pilot isn't even an American.

Can he figure out just who are the good guys and who are the bad, and stop a real massacre from taking place?

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